Travel Essentials: The perfect travel bag!

Your search has ended, I found the perfect travel bag, and she’s a show stopper!

I feel like finding the perfect bag to travel with has always been a struggle for me. “This bag is too small”, “This one is big” “The handles are too short” etc etc. But when I got this beauty in the mail it was a game changer.


  • Comes in bright vibrant colors featuring women of color. (Comes in colors like, blue, pink, green, and yellow and comes in a couple different graphic designs.)
  • The perfect size for weekend to week long trips. I have managed to fit 2 pairs of shoes and 6-7 outfits along with my cosmetic essentials. *Most of my travel with this ┬ábag was done during the summer so packing winter clothing you might get a couple less outfits because winter clothing is thicker but I still think this bag is a great size.*
  • It feels sturdy and durable. It doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart.
  • Made of waterproof fabric.
  • Has strong handles and includes shoulder strap.
  • Fits the dimensions of a carry-on bag for flights.
  • Priced at $85. For what you’re getting this is a steal!



  • I don’t know if this is really a con but Im gonna throw it out there anyways lol. Storytime: So I was flying to California on United *eyeroll* and apparently I bought a cheap ticket where you aren’t allowed to even have a carry-on, I was like “What? United is trying me again. Like I can’t even have a carry-on?” So after the initial frustration of making me check my bag for $25 I was concerned about the condition my bag would be in after being tossed around in a dirty luggage transport. So the material of the bag is almost like a canvas fabric so I felt like with its light color and being tossed around all willy nilly it would ruin my new bag. Granted my bag was perfectly fine when I got it back but I feel like I just got lucky. So I say this all to say, I just wouldn’t check this bag for fear of it not returning to you as beautiful. I would keep it as a carry-on (if you can) and make sure to read the fine print when buying a cheap ticket lol!


So where do I get this amazing bag?! They are a black owned business that displays black beauty in such an artist way. They also do custom orders and have so many other products like shower curtains, stationary, prints, and more! Head over to their website and follow them on instagram @pardonmyfro.

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