Snack Time: Spice up your Rice Cakes!

It’s time to rethink rice cakes! They are great for pilling on deliciousness and an awesome alternative to bread. Whether you like sweet or savory there is an option for everyone! 

Rice cakes don’t have to be boring! Especially when you spice them up like this. Sometimes I prefer rice cakes to bread because they have a nice crunch and they’re not so heavy, so they make for a good snack. These rice cakes are quick, easy, and healthy! I buy these square brown rice and quinoa rice cakes from CVS so they are super cheap but you can buy them at most super markets. Always read the ingredients first because some rice cakes can have added sugars and other non sense. Happy snacking!


PB & Banana


  1. Peanut Butter (protein)
  2. Sliced bananas (potassium)
  3. Ground flax seeds (omega-3’s)
  4. Cinnamon (anti-inflammatory)


“I Know guac is extra”


  1. Guacamole (heart healthy fat)
  2. Salsa (vitamin C & K)
  3. Parsley (antioxidant rich)


Midnight Craving


  1. Peanut Butter & Co. Dark chocolate Dreams peanut butter, Thank me later!(protein)
  2. Cacao nibs (fiber)
  3. Hemp seeds (omega-3’s)


The Mediterranean Special


  1. Roasted garlic hummus (protein)
  2. Pimento stuffed green olives (vitamin E)
  3. Cherry tomatoes (vitamin C & K)


Photos by: Move & Munch

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